Dress Like A Girl

Always Classy. Sometimes Edgy. Totally Feminine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a fashion truck?

Well, you've heard of food trucks, now we have fashion trucks. As far as we know, the boom of fashion trucks began in the US in 2011 on the west coast. There are now dozens of fashion trucks worldwide, braving the roadways to bring fashion to you!

2. How does DLAG's fashion truck work?

Our main business is private events--we do girls nights', birthday parties, and one-on-one shopping excursions at private residences. We also make appearances on street sides, at festivals, sporting events, organizational events, schools, etc. We operate just like a normal storefront boutique--merchandise is on racks and shelves, we have a dressing room, two full-length mirrors, great lighting, heating, and A/C.

3. Where do you get your merchandise.

We frequent trade shows and make connections with different designers and suppliers across the US.

4. How did you make a truck into a store?

Thanks to a super-handy husband and dad, DLAG looks like a chic storefront boutique! Everything has been custom made for DLAG from quality supplies, just like those that would be used to build out a storefront boutique.

5. What sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes S-3X.

6. Do you sell online?

Currently, our website is not set up for sales; however we will post pics and prices on the site and our social media pages. If you see something you'd like, contact us and we'll send you any requested additional information and an invoice for payment. Items ship within 1 business day It's that easy!

7. How can I book DLAG?

Individual invites are our bread and butter! Contact us through the site or social media and we'll make arrangements with you.