Dress Like A Girl

Always Classy. Sometimes Edgy. Totally Feminine.

***We do not sell from this website. This site is for representation purposes only. While a majority of our sales are made in-person from the truck, feel free to contact us via social media, our contact page, or by email if you're interested in making a purchase.***

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Dress Like A Girl is a women's clothing mobile boutique--a literal boutique on wheels!--based out of Charlotte, NC.

Quality of our Products

Dress Like A Girl seeks out quality products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers items that are inexpensive enough to replace often, but quality and classic enough to not have to do so. 

Our Style

Dress Like A Girl features clothing that is undoubtedly feminine and classy. We thrive on offerings that are stylish, comfortable, and cute!


Our offerings are very feminine, with a focus on being stylish without appearing to try hard to do so. Our customers aren’t trendy on purpose, their style just always happens to be “in”—they’re classically trendy.